Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Learn ruby and ruby on rails from scratch

Hi to start off with Ruby on Rails,

You need to firstly learn ruby, a scripting language. Then you can start learning Rails.

You should first ask yourself why should I want to learn Ruby? Will Ruby Fail Me?

Try Googling for various links on why you should learn Ruby or why you should not. Then Decide for yourself.

Few Sample links are below:-

Once you have decided you want to learn Ruby; i.e. if you want to learn Ruby,

Lets start with what is Ruby?

Now to start coding/developing in rails:-

To learn Ruby, one of the really good sites is:

 http://www.rubylearning.org/ (It is by an Indian )

You can find video tutorials to learn Ruby here:-

http://marakana.com/ (you can use this for learning other languages also...:) )

Spend some time getting a hang of the basics, you will have to install the Ruby Software , which you would find here:-

To Kick start with learning Rails

Firstly, why should I learn Rails:-

I would recommend you to google and choose links as they take you.

Few Sample Links:-

some really useful online sites include:-

http://www.tutorialspoint.com/(you can use this for learning other languages also...:) )

Video tutorials:-

Learn Rails on the move:-


Coming to Books:-

For Ruby:
The Ruby Programming Language by Yukhirio Matsumoto aka “Matz”(the creator of Ruby) and David Flanagan is good.
The Ultimage Guide to Ruby Programming by Satish Talim also is a good book for beginners.

For Rails:
Agile Development with Rails by Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas is like a must read

Looking forward to your comments on this blog. Please do let me know your views one the above blog. Kindly add on good suggestions based on your experience of using Ruby & Rails for the benefit of all....:)