Saturday, August 24, 2013

Software Project Mangement Tools

Basic Software Project Management tools:-

1. Basecamphq 

2. Unfuddle

For Scrum Projects one can try:-


*Credits to my senior colleagues Kiran and Srikanth when I was part of Cognizant for introducing me to these tools.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Controlled vs Uncontrolled Anger - an attempt to draw parallels

One of my very recent discussions with someone lead us to discuss some points on anger and how should one handle it.

That person tried explaining it to me with an e.g., . I shall try to recall those words as accurately as I can possibly remember..

1. Uncontrolled Anger - This kind of anger is like how you have an unexpected guest coming into your house(without prior intimation) and sometimes you might just not know how to deal with this situation. Thus your reaction could be uncontrolled and probably disproportionate to the situation. Consciousness doesn't come into play here.

2. Controlled Anger - In this case, you know your expecting a guest and that guest is something that you need to actually bring out( by react angrily ), but what I mean is - proportionate to the situation.

The reason why I'm relating anger to these kind of examples is that sometimes we just need to be cautious about when to use it and to what extent we need to use it. Consciousness is a key player when it comes to the usage of anger. When comparing controlled v/s uncontrolled anger, in the former case one is more conscious and can handle things better whereas in the latter case unconsciously sometimes things can get blown out of proportion.

Anger is not always bad, its just that sometimes the situation helps you best decide when to use it. Sometimes, people understand things by telling them in the nice way, but on the other hand controlled anger might be the right kind of dose for those folks who still don't get a hang of things when told politely.

Just make sure that your reaction is proportionate to the situation, with your usage of anger done wisely and not unwisely.