Sunday, September 8, 2013

Embedding a gist in blogger - an experiment that finally worked



In case you want to see how I was able to embed the gist in my blog, you can have a look at the stackoverflow question that I posted here on the same when I had initially faced issues to get this to work for me. Credits to the original blogger's post.


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    1. Hi Siva, I'm not quite sure why this isn't working for you but I can tell you about another of way of doing this that I got to know about some time back. Basically, every gist nowadays in github has an embed link. Let's say I'm referring to this gist - What you can do is copy the embed link wrt the gist and paste it in your 'HTML' section of your Blogger blog(in between the starting and ending div tag) whenever you are editing your blog.

      This way I think you should be good to go.