Sunday, April 26, 2015

Crossed 10k blog views - a blog about how to blog(reflecting back on my blogging experiences - part 2).

In my last post(Crossed 10k blog views - experiences of being a blogger part1) I made an attempt to talk about why should one consider blogging on a regular basis. The last post had many of my personal experiences in life as a blogger and how that helped me along the roadtrip of my life.

In this post, I originally thought that I'd share my two cents on what might help one to be a more effective blogger but recently somebody asked me how should they go about writing a blog so I'll be talking about that in this blog first and in the part3 of this blog series(Crossed 10k blog views - sharing my blogging experiences along the way) I will share my two cents about things that I've learnt and which might help you be a better blogger.

The BIG Question - How should one write a blog ?

When I started blogging, I had this question too. I remember writing long paragraphs back then without uniformly structuring my post :). One thing that I've realized is that a blog should have a structure. Something similar to say an email in the modern world and what was like a letter posted by a postman in older days. The blogpost should have an introduction to set the context, a body and a conclusion apart from the post title. Let's talk about each of these basic sections one at a time to better understand what goes into which section -

a. The Introduction

This generally forms the initial paragraph(s) of your blogpost. The first thing that any reader might lay their eyes upon as soon as they might hit your blogpost is the first few paragraphs of the post. These paras talks about what's the idea behind putting up your post or what probably was your motivation behind writing it or basically things on those lines. Think of this like when your watching a movie, there's an intro, then a deep dive and then finally a climax :).

b. The Body

Here's where you'd like to elaborate in more detail what your post is all about. If the details are connected you might want to consider sequencing them. This is the section where one can insert different forms of media(like pictures, videos etc) in their post to make it more meaningful. Please make sure you break down your body in multiple small(say around max 4-6 lines each) paragraphs rather than a couple big ones so that the readers can not only pause to reflect back upon the ideas you've posted in each of these paras but they can also easily find what their looking for when their searching for something specific.

c. The Conclusion

This is where you as an author pen down you final thoughts around the whole idea that your post may talk about. This is a wonderful part of the passage where you can end with an inspirational quote or simply summarise the takeways wrt your post.

Lastly, if you have an option don't forget to label/tag your blog appropriately so that the readers who visit your mail blog site can easily search for one of your specific blog through these keywords.

That's basically it about how do you write a blog :)

In case you have any suggestions around this post to help one get started with their blogging journey feel free to share your views in the comments section. I'll be happy to learn from others experiences of how they got started on this too :)

Thank you.