Sunday, April 6, 2014

Increasing your productivity by using an extended desktop with your primary display


As part of an onsite assignment I had the opportunity to be in the UK. Over there I had seen that a lot of my colleagues where using two monitors that were connected to one machine as part of their day to day work.

After trying it for a while myself, I found this kinda setup is very helpful. How? Say for instance your a web developer and you've recently made some change in your application code. One of the monitor screens can help you see the front end changes that you've made on page refresh and simultaneously the other screen can be used to trace your log in case you want to debug something with respect the changes made.

When doing this on a regular basis you'll find that this actually speeds up things as the number of times you need to switch tabs back and forth is comparatively reduced. Many a times people can use one of the screens to perform a specific operation whilst using the other screen to regularly check something else(like your emails for e.g.,).

You can try this kinda setup in two ways atleast as far as i know -
a. Connect your laptop to a monitor and use 'Extended Desktop' Option.

b. Connect two PC's with one another  

To check more details on how can you achieve the same you can have a look at the link --
or simply google for any link specific to the OS you're using.

Give it a shot and see if you find the difference.. :).